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Reasons to Sell

Immediate Needs

To meet an immediate financial need

From that lingering house repair to the trip you always wanted to take, we offer to buy a percentage of a mineral owner's interest in order to cover their immediate financial needs.

Frustrations with Mineral Royalties

Frustration with leasing and royalty process

Frustration with the leasing and royalty process is a common issue for mineral owners. There are a number of factors that can contribute to this frustration, including:

Use Mineral Royalties to meet financial goals

To accomplish financial goals

Whether you're planning for retirement, funding education, or diversifying your investment portfolio, the proceeds from your sale can provide the necessary capital to turn your aspirations into reality.

Tax advantages for selling mineral royalties

Tax advantages

Selling your mineral royalties can provide a tax advantage mainly due to the way gains from the sale are treated for tax purposes.

Using your Mineral royalties for the future

Using mineral funds for children and grandchildren today

Setting children up for future now

Mineral Royalty Estate Planning

Simplification of Estate

Estate Planning

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